11 January 2013

five things Friday: baby gifts edition

Lately all kinds of people, from blog friends to old high school classmates and college roommates to residency colleagues, have been having babies or announcing pregnancies. I was going to say there must be something in the water, but then I remembered we're just at that age when this is normal. Weird.

So as I was putting together a gift for the little guy born to one of Peter's co-residents last week, I made a little roundup of some of my go-to baby gift ideas.

five go-to baby gifts
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1. Personalized hooded towel from Pottery Barn Kids: these gingham-bordered bath wraps are so sweet, especially with personalization, and as a bonus, Pottery Barn usually offers free shipping on them.

2. Pride & Prejudice board book: for literary friends, this is an adorable gift. Little ones can learn to count with super cute P&P illustrations like 2 gentlemen, 4 marriage proposals, and 5 Bennett sisters. They also have a Jane Eyre version and a bunch of classics coming soon.

3. A screenprinted onesie: a nice way give something fun and unique; you can find them at a local shop or on Etsy - we picked up one of these for gifting well in advance at the I Heart Denver Store (also available on Etsy) last summer because they were too cute to pass up, and we thought this one (in green) would be great for Peter's colleague and his new baby boy.

4. Mini things: also in the category of irresistible is mini versions of anything, especially shoes. How about these tiny Toms? Gah that's cute.

5. A freezer meal: a lasagna or container of chili that the new parents can heat up now or stick in their freezer for later is a nice touch with any gift. (You could even download some freezer labels like these to make your package fancier.)

Here's hoping I get that sweet new baby in my arms this weekend! 


  1. I need a good gift for a baby shower and that towel would be perfect - but shipping is $8! Nevermind!

  2. I love how you give mini gifts of things you like, such as Toms or Pride and Prejudice. I have been saying there's something in the water too and remembering the age/normalcy thing too. Two of three of my sisters are pregnant and my hopefully-future-sister-in-law is too. And everyone else. And their moms. But not really their moms, because that would be odd.

  3. Uh, yeah. Those little Tom's slippers are adorable, but dare I say, not practical for little feet that don't yet walk? ;) Super cute, though! I haven't seen the Pride and Prejudice book and can think of a few friends who would get a kick out of it. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. SO MUCH CUTENESS. Tom's slippers just make me squeal! TOO CUTE.

  5. As a busy mom of three young children, I LOVE the idea of freezer meal labels - and even more, love the idea of giving freezer meals as a GIFT! There was nothing better than having a ready-made meal on the days when I couldn't even get to brushing my teeth before 2pm. And I do LOVE the shoes - but ask the parents what size the baby's feet are before buying. I have at least 20 pairs that have been bought for me as gifts for my kids that they've never worn, and my latest reason is that my baby's feet are much smaller than other babies at her age. Such a waste with these adorable shoes....

  6. This is so timely... nearly everyone I know is pregnant! Now, how to pin these ideas without baby rumors starting? Thank goodness for private boards :)

  7. I just saw that Little Austen book on another blog and was blown away - what a cute idea!