18 January 2013

five things Friday: even more current favorites edition

Now that I've gotten past some work deadlines I've finally had enough free time to catch up on my favorite show: Downton Abbey! I was so excited for season 3 to start, but all my tv watching lately has involved multitasking - but I was determined that I was going to be able to thoroughly enjoy these. And I did.

Here are some other current favorites around here:

current favorites

1. socks: I always seem to have one pair of socks that I pick from my drawer first as soon as they're out of the wash, and these fun polka dot ones I picked up at Target for about $3 are the current winners. They go perfectly with my current favorite pants, peeking out from my ankle boots. And they're just fun.

2. organizing tool: when I came back so busy from Christmas break I decided it was time to try this online list making tool to keep organized. I'm a big-time list maker with my sharpies and post-its, but since I'm at my computer all day anyway Teux Deux is so nice looking and handy to have open in my browser all the time, and I love that it moves my (inevitable) leftover items from yesterday onto today's list automatically. Plus still just as satisfying to cross things off of.

3. lunch: I've always enjoyed hummus, but once I discovered my new favorite variety - Trader Joe's Mediterranean - it's become my go-to lunch (or dinner when Peter's not around). I just warm up some pitas in the toaster and dip them right in. Probably not my most polite habit, but I can't get enough.

4. beauty product: so I'm a little makeup stupid, but this mineral face primer seems like a smart move. When I heard that using a primer would make your face into a smooth canvas to give makeup longer staying power, I thought this $6 version from elf (picked up at Target, where else) would be worth a go. I'm not sure how well it really keeps the makeup finish, but goodness does it make my skin feel silky smooth. It's nice.

5. scent: last fall I decided it was time for a new, grown-up scent, so I went to Macy's, tried out a bunch, and came home with a sampler from Burberry. The Body perfume turned out to be my favorite, and (after some not-so-subtle hinting) Peter gifted me a full size for Christmas...

Happy Friday - hope you get to do some of your favorite things!

(Some previous favorites: 1, 2)


  1. Totally agree that hummus from Trader Joe's is amazing

  2. I basically clicked on Teux Deux as I read the words. SOLD!!

    Also, Burberry The Beat is my go-to. I'm gonna have to go check out Body.

  3. Socks! Have you ever purchased Happy Socks?? LOve those things!

    More Modern Modesty

  4. I need to look into this Teux Deux more- sounds right up my alley and I love that the website says, 'yay for checking things off'! Hahha. That elf primer is awesome, I just started using it not too long ago and love it!

  5. I am going to be on the look out for that Hummus next time I go to Trader Joes!!! Yum! Happy Friday!

  6. i love the idea of hummus for lunch. do you have anything else to go with it or does it fill you up? i'm trying to find other options aside from sandwiches so i'm not eating so much processed lunch meats.