03 January 2013

pin to present: new year, new quinoa recipe

After the holidays, I always find it nice to start the year afresh with lots of produce and light, healthy meals. Although of course delicious, all those holiday treats start to weigh a girl down, in more ways than one. The vegetarian cookbook I got for Christmas is going to be a great source for easy and healthy meals, but I also got a little head start on finding new recipes for the New Year with this Pinterest-inspired meal for a family dinner at my parents' house: quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes.

pin to present: quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes
recipe and inspiration photo: Leslie Durso

This maybe isn't quite as easy as I usually like my recipes (and there were plenty of other hands in the kitchen to do things like wash the potatoes and stick them in the oven while I played Wii Just Dance), but still manageable - the ingredient list is pretty short and basic, which I always appreciate - and I will definitely be making it again, because it's delicious.

pin to present: quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes
pin to present: quinoa stuffed sweet potatoes

A few thoughts:
  • I've always cooked my quinoa in water, but this recipe calls for cooking it in broth. And I will be doing that from now on - so good! 
  • I think you could easily change up some of the filler ingredients, like changing the greens from kale to spinach or the nuts from almond slivers to cashews (which we did and I recommend!), to keep the recipe interesting for repeated use or to suit the contents of your pantry.
  • The recipe is great, but a little sparse on details, like how much exactly to scoop out of the sweet potato halves, so we just had to wing it. But I can add an instruction for what to do with the stuff you scoop out: make mashed sweet potatoes (that's what my sister did).
  • Also this is a perfect recipe for special diets - it worked for the vegan and the gluten-free needs in my family, and everybody else liked it to boot.


  1. So smart to cook the quinoa in broth. Bring on the flavor! :) This looks delicious!

  2. okay, i'm trying to re-boot my brain into eating better. i can't be rollin around life eating red vines and drinking diet coke for lunch all the time anymore. i'm gonna seriously try this recipe out. oh gawd- wish me luck!!! haha.

  3. this is amazing. i love all of these ingredients but i never would have thought to pair them all together. i think i've gotten lost on how else to use quinoa too, so this is a perfect recipe to get back into eating that grain. i can't wait to make this recipe!