10 January 2013

pinning presently: house projects

Now that we've redone our kitchen, I've been scheming other little makeovers I can do around the house. You know what really gets me enthusiastic about planning new projects? Having a zillion other things that I'm supposed to be doing. And we know how Pinterest can be an enabler here...

While I've been too busy with work and such this week to tackle any of my Pinterest projects - for the house or otherwise - here are some house Pinspirations I'd rather be doing than any of the actual items on my to do list:

pinterest office project ideas

Office: I've been talking about rearranging my office ever since I decided I want to have a stand-up desk, and while I'm still trying to figure out how I can make this layout work, I expanded that scheming to include a few other aesthetic updates... I got this great Crate & Barrel striped rug for Christmas as the first step in my office facelift plans, and now I'd like to bring in some extra storage and clean, crisp lines with a nice white Expedit unit from Ikea, and then for fun turn one of the walls into a chalkboard.

pinterest dining room project ideas
image sources: top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right

Dining room: not that we ever use it that much (ahem, tv dinners), but I would love to make a few small updates to our dining room to make it feel like more of a cohesive space, rather than just a room I've stuck the necessary furniture in, and also to bring some of the new kitchen colors/feel to it. I love the idea of a painted pattern, rows of gallery frames, or a fun quote as relatively simple and inexpensive ways to make a statement wall. And I also love the new Young House Love lighting collection - this lantern from it would really make the lighting feel more official than the hanging lampshade we've currently got.

pinterest bathroom project ideas

Bathroom: any actual house renovations we do around here aside from the kitchen will probably be to our upstairs bathroom. The vanity and floors kind of need to be ripped out and replaced (as, unfortunately, does some of the drywall, it appears - that could get ugly!), and I love this gray cabinet/marble floor combination as one idea. As our small bathrooms are short on storage, I've also been pinning shelving ideas like these as functional yet lovely ways to get some more storage, plus these space-saving jewelry/makeup organization ideas too.

What house projects are you pinning/scheming lately?


  1. I've been planning a ton (via Pinterest hahaha), but haven't executed anything quite yet!! I've been thinking of revamping our second bedroom into an office space.

    More Modern Modesty

  2. I'm dying over that black and white rug and that gingham paint job in the kitchen pictures!!! Such a great idea!


  3. I'm dying over that breakfast quote. LOVE IT.