30 before 30


A list of 30 things to do before I turn 30 in June 2014 (all related posts here): These are not necessarily life goals or bucket list items, but more mid-range goals that are achievable in this timeframe, things I want to be intentional about actually getting around to, the kinds of things I always think/say I want to/should do but don't. Some of them are just fun activities I want to do, and some are accomplishments or tasks that will help me cultivate the attitudes about life I want to walk around with. I want to work toward some goals but still live in the now, to be more invested and intentional, fun loving and grateful, hospitable and gracious.

1. Run a 7-minute mile (completed 8/16/12)
2. Learn to make (yummy) fish tacos (Panko crusted 3/7/13; grilled 5/9/13)
3. Take a photography class (completed 8/31)
4. Attend a conference to develop my job skills (completed 8/13-8/15/12)
5. Learn a new piano piece well
6. Create/order a photo album of our married years
7. Have family photos taken
8. Visit all of our siblings and grandparents at their homes
9. Host a themed party
10. Find somewhere to regularly volunteer
11. See a Cirque du Soleil show (completed 9/7/13)
12. Take a Cincinnati walking tour
13. Clear my "to read" shelf (progress: 7/13)
14. Get another stamp in my passport (preferably in Paris) (Punta Cana 3/13, Istanbul 7/13)
15. Eat at another Cincinnati top 10 restaurant (Boca 2/2/13, Eli's 5/3/13, Abigail St., 6/20/13)
16. Host a giveaway (completed 8/27/12)
17. Install graduate-level navigation (completed 10/7/13)
18. Attend a blogger gathering (completed 8/13/12)
19. Get my own domain name (completed 8/26/12)
20. Invite guest bloggers to contribute (completed 10/13-11/13)
21. Get all our legal ducks in a row (home inventory, life insurance, etc.)
22. Make the bed every day (completed 4/23/13 - it's an ingrained habit now!)
23. Find and wear with confidence my perfect shade of red lipstick (completed 12/13)
24. Save up for a couple of investment pieces (progress: grown up handbag)
25. Donate blood for the first time
26. Replace the kitchen floor (completed 11/21/12)
27. Clean out the basement (completed 10/7/13)
28. Pick new siding/door colors for outside of house
29. Hang that gallery wall I've been talking about forever
30. Tame the backyard jungle